Easter 2016

Father Mansel welcomes you to Our Lady Star of the Sea at Easter 

What to do for Lent

Why are we sinners?
"Because of original sin...Our humanity is wounded.... we try to follow the path of goodness, but we often fall because of our weaknesses and choose evil. The story of Adam and Eve, the rebellion against God described in the Book of Genesis, uses a richly imaginative language to explain something that actually happened at the origins of mankind. The Father sacrificed his Son... to redeem us for his sins... That is why the guilt of our forefathers is celebrated as a felix culpa in the hymn of the Exultet, which is sung during the most important celebration of the year, Easter Night: the fault was "happy" because it deserved such a redemption". (Pope Francis: "The Name Of God Is Mercy." Pub. Bluebird, 2016)

See below for details of services for Holy Week: